Double Your Insurance Business with Artificial Intelligence.

Our artificial intelligence solution for commercial insurance brokers and carriers boosts sales, reduces human errors, and increases customer satisfaction without adding staff.

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Chisel AI
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Power Up Your Efficiency

Faster than a human at reading unstructured insurance data.

Average policy check time versus hours or days.

Increase in quoting capacity.

Increase in underwriting capacity by automating routine tasks.

The Benefits of Chisel AI

Automate Your Workflows

Perform data extraction, policy checks, quote comparison, submission triage and submission prioritization in minutes instead of hours.

Uncover Insights

Reveal business insights by freeing trapped information from unstructured insurance data sources 400 times faster than a human, with significantly greater accuracy.

Increase Your Sales & Underwriting Capacity

Digitize and standardize high-volume, repetitive administrative tasks by augmenting your staff with digital employees.

Shape Your Book of Business

Transform underwriting workstreams by automatically routing and prioritizing submissions to identify the best business to write during the intake process.

Purpose-built Artificial Intelligence Solutions

View our Intelligent Workflows for Commercial Insurance Brokers and Carriers


Broker Workflows

Carrier Workflows

Winner of the 2018 ACORD Global InsurTech Innovation Challenge & 2019 Zurich Innovation World Championship.

Automate and Streamline
Your Operational Workflows


  • - Manual
  • - Sore eyes, brain cramp, coffee
  • - Yellow highlighter & red pen
  • - Days, weeks, months
  • - Errors & omissions up
  • - Customer satisfied
  • - Operational costs up
  • - More Business = Payroll up


  • Automated
  • Two mouse clicks
  • Recognize 500+ insurance-specific named entities
  • Seconds, minutes & hours
  • Errors & omissions down
  • Customer ecstatic
  • Operational costs down
  • More business = Payroll unchanged
Chisel AI Product Screenshots.
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Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Right AI Solution for Commercial Insurance.

Inside you’ll find insights on what to look for and questions to ask when test driving and comparing AI solutions.

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How Chisel AI Helps Commercial Insurance Brokers and Carriers

Boost Productivity

Allocate time-consuming, repetitive clerical tasks to Chisel’s digital workforce.

Cut Costs

Save money by reducing the labor and risks inherent in traditional manual methods.

Reduce Errors

Automate manual, error-prone administrative tasks.

Write More Policies

Shift your employees from low-value admin work to high-value account management.

Improve Your Customers' Experience

Spend more time delivering bespoke customer service to all your customers.

Boost Your

Realize your vision of being the platinum standard for risk consulting in the insurance industry.

Accelerate Your Processess

Extract policy-level data from your digital documents in near real-time. Chisel helps enable straight-through processing.

Analyze Your Data Seamlessly

Import data into your analytics tool in your preferred format, whether ACORD, CSIO, XML, JSON or CSV.

See For Yourself How Chisel Improves
How You Do Business Today

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Are You Ready for
Insurance AI?

Discover if you're ready to adopt artificial intelligence. Use this checklist to find out.

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Chisel Takes Top Spot at Zurich Innovation World Championship

Chisel to partner with Zurich to drive innovation and transformation in the insurance industry.

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Chisel Crowned 2018 ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge Winner

ACORD recognizes Chisel AI’s powerful platform. See Ron Glozman, CEO, Chisel deliver the winning presentation.

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