Podcast: Emerging AI Trends in Commercial Insurance

Artificial Intelligence - May 1 2019

Ron Glozman, CEO and Founder, Chisel AI synced up with Gunjan Aggarwal, AI and Analytics Director, Capgemini North America and Frank Wammes, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Capgemini Europe on the Capgemini Applied Innovation Podcast to discuss how the commercial insurance industry is reacting to the seismic shifts caused by advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data.

As one of the oldest and most complicated industries in the world, insurance is ripe for innovation. Although traditionally slow to adopt technology changes, customer expectations and shifting market demands are forcing the commercial insurance industry to rapidly embrace change. Insurance companies of all sizes are being forced to adopt smarter underwriting practices, offer bespoke customer services and exponentially increase customer knowledge – all in an effort to drive better customer experiences.

What if insurance companies could lower the barrier to entry, expand their total addressable market and make insurance accessible to everyone? Today, less than 50% of all people worldwide have insurance.

“Everything is now one click away,” stated Ron Glozman. Customers expect immediate responses and they expect that their insurance company, broker and/or agent knows everything about them.

Join the conversation to hear real-world use cases and future predictions including how AI is expected to reshape the commercial insurance industry.

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