CEO Ron Glozman Shares the Story Behind Chisel AI on The Digital Broker Podcast

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing - September 4 2019

Ryan Deeds, host of The Digital Broker Podcast, discusses how innovation happens with Chisel AI’s Ron Glozman, CEO and founder. Hear how Ron’s thirst for innovation and forward-thinking propelled him into the eye of the InsurTech wave that is revolutionizing the global insurance industry.  He shares how he harnessed his computer science skills to code a top-rated application for students that morphed into an award-winning NLP solution for insurance. Natural Language Processing or NLP is one of seven subsections of Artificial Intelligence. On a broad level NLP is the act of teaching computers how to read.

Chisel AI’s solution designed for insurance was originally hatched from a student application to summarize textbooks. Ron takes Ryan through his journey from developing an application while at the prestigious University of Waterloo to leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit to start a company called Knote that would later transition into Chisel AI. 

Speaking at a local business conference, Ron was approached by a senior executive from a well-known insurance company to help them exponentially scale their ability to check policies to mitigate the risk of costly errors and omissions. This would be the beginning of Chisel AI and Policy Check, an error and omissions mitigation AI solution, that allows brokers and carriers to mitigate liability for any E&O exposure. Manually the insurance company was only able to spot check a small portion of their book of business. With Chisel AI, they were able to automate the policy checking process enabling them to preserve their brand reputation and make the unscalable scalable.

“If you follow the philosophy of Crossing the Chasm, I think we’re still in the age of early adopters,” stated Ron Glozman.

Focused on content extraction and classification, Chisel AI transforms unstructured data to a structured format making data needed for robust decision-making easily accessible to underwriters, administrators and underwriting specialists.

Listen to the full podcast to hear Ron tell his story of how the pivot from dorm room to gold winner of the 2019 Zurich World Innovation Championship has been an exhilarating journey – one that’s just getting started.


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