Chisel AI’s Ron Glozman Joins SMA’s 2021 Insights to Solutions Series – Commercial Lines Digital Underwriting

Digital Transformation - January 28 2021

Strategy Meets Action and The Digital Insurer have joined together to offer insurers an innovative virtual event that promises to go well beyond the traditional webinar format – The Insights to Solutions Series | Winter 2020/21. On February 17, the Digital Underwriting event brings together thought leaders and executives from the solution provider community in a virtual experience that will give insurers a clearer picture of the solution landscape and specific offerings that align to their business needs. This event will include an engaging panel discussion followed by virtual tours by each provider, showcasing their solutions with presentations, videos, demos, and an open forum Q&A.

“P&C Commercial Lines Underwriting will look different in 2030. Small markets are already shifting to new digital, transformational business models. Mid-to-large sized business is the new open space, ripe for digital transformation and the leap forward into a new model for 2030. Every commercial lines insurance business has a choice to make: stay the course and be left behind, or embrace a paradigm shift,” says Deb Smallwood, Senior Partner, Carrier Transformation, Strategy Meets Action, a ResourcePro company.

This online virtual experience is complimentary to insurers that are looking for insights on how today’s digital underwriting solutions can deliver a better customer experience, and drive momentum in their organizations to face tomorrow’s challenges.

As the nature of risks change over the next three, five and ten years; as autonomous vehicles become more mainstream; as the business workers’ profiles change and workers’ comp needs evolve; and the insurance industry workforce transitions and new digital natives dominate, insurers need to embrace technologies to meet changing customer needs and future-proof for resilience and capacity. Automating core underwriting processes and repetitive tasks like data entry will play a significant role in making commercial lines underwriting more resilient and responsive to customers.

Recent SMA research finds that 87% of commercial lines insurers are investing in technologies in the AI family. Insurers especially see potential in leveraging AI for unstructured data, with 63% of commercial lines insurers citing this as an area of top potential. From the people, process, and technology viewpoints, the wide range of AI capabilities – RPA, NLP, machine learning – all will play major roles in underwriting transformation.

A One-of-A-Kind Event

Join us for the 90-minute virtual event on Wednesday February 17 at 11:00 AM EDT to hear how technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), RPA, and chatbots, along with access to new data sources and models are digitally transforming commercial lines underwriting.

Four solution providers will be on hand to showcase how they are helping P&C commercial lines insurers solve key underwriting challenges. Click here to view the full agenda.

  1. Insurity
  2. EY
  3. Gerent
  4. Chisel AI

Join the Chisel AI Tour

To learn how to harness the power of AI to streamline data extraction and commercial lines submission intake, don’t miss our live demo available during the tour. Ron Glozman, CEO and Founder of Chisel AI will discuss how:

  • NLP and ML are enabling insurers to extract, interpret and classify unstructured data in complex commercial lines submissions hundreds of times faster than a human
  • Leveraging AI-powered intelligent workflows to automate the submission clearance and registration process, auto-decline and auto-assign submissions to the right underwriter or underwriting department reduces operational burdens
  • AI can help insurers process submissions in minutes instead of hours or days by streamlining manual, slow, and error-prone processes like re-keying data
  • Automating and streamlining the submission intake process and applying intelligence to automatically triage submissions allows insurers to trigger rapid broker responses, prevent underwriting leakage, drive operational efficiencies, and free up underwriting teams to focus on high-value strategic initiatives

If you’re looking to modernize your underwriting processes, register for the Commercial Lines Digital Underwriting event today.

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