Building Operational Capacity & Resilience in Times of Crisis

COVID-19 has disrupted the entire insurance value chain – from internal operations to traditional distribution channels. While the P&C commercial insurance industry was quick to adapt to the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus, the crisis has revealed long-standing operational issues stemming from an over-reliance on manual, paper-based processes.

To survive and thrive in a post-COVID world, carriers and brokers will need an infusion of artificial intelligence and AI-powered automation to build capacity and resilience in their operations. In this guide, we look at the role of AI in keeping commercial insurance operations running, resilient, and recovery ready.

P&C Insurance Guide

What’s Inside:

  • The ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on insurance operations
  • Why insurance leaders are doubling down on digital to cope with future crises
  • Laying a digital framework for future growth with AI and automation
  • Use cases for AI including automated application intake, underwriting & policy checking
  • Questions to ask to ensure that you’re ready for the NEXT crisis

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