Identify the Best Submissions to Quote in Minutes with AI


On-Demand Web Seminar

Insurers recognize that underwriting is key to growth, but slow, labor-intensive, paper-heavy manual submissions continue to prevent the fast response distribution partners and policyholders demand. 

But by utilizing new AI and machine learning (ML) technology, carriers can automate the processing, routing, and triaging of submissions, allowing underwriters to spend more time on higher-value tasks.

In this on-demand web seminar, Deb Smallwood, Senior Partner, Strategy Meets Action, and Colin Toal, Chief Technology Officer, Chisel AI discuss: 

  • What the key drivers are for innovation in underwriting
  • How AI can be used to identify the best submissions faster
  • What key role AI plays in optimizing underwriting processes
  • How your company can best prepare to implement AI and ML

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