Our Journey

Start-ups are hard.

It takes special people to take the risk and embrace the uncertainty that comes with this phase of building a company. We do this in exchange for the journey that this takes us on – the journey of building a product and developing a team from the beginning. And the opportunity to impact the world and major industries. Sometimes this does or does not end the way we plan...

Sadly, we are announcing that we have decided to wind down Chisel AI. 

We initiated a fundraising effort in late 2021 to help fuel our next phase of growth. While we were successful in signing a term sheet in February 2022, it became clear that a combination of factors outside of our control in this volatile global macroeconomic climate would severely challenge our ability to complete the raise. As a team, over the last couple of months, we did everything possible to keep together this wonderful community we have built, and continue on our mission of transforming the insurance industry.

We are thankful to our investors for your support and guidance along the way. We are humbled by our customers’ willingness to take a chance on modernizing their industry, and for your insights and your trust. Ultimately, it did not turn out the way we intended, but we are all grateful for the opportunity to try, and for the growth it provided all of us.

We are immensely grateful to all our Chisel AI team members, past and present, for your efforts, creativity, passion, generosity and hard work throughout this crazy mission. We fought valiantly alongside some of the smartest, most dedicated, and collaborative people with whom we have ever worked.  

While this announcement is one that can only be described as sad, we do want to recognize that along this journey, there was much to celebrate. While it was obvious to our customers and partners that we built incredible forward-thinking AI software that transforms the way business is done, we did so much more than that.

We also built the following amazing things:

  • Resilience – Make no mistake this has been a difficult journey. We endured a global pandemic, a technology transformation, and rebuilt a company culture to become one that we all loved, based on Transparency and Trust. All incredibly hard things. And through it all, we were there for each other as we learned how to navigate these difficult passages.
  • A beautiful community – We built Chisel AI to be a place where people liked to work. We respected each other and treated each other with kindness and support. We liked working together, and we genuinely care for each other. Our compassion extended outside the company to those around us, because we believed we could do some good as a community.
  • Compassion for one another – We came together over and over again. We tried to ensure that we all had the necessary tools and supports available to help us navigate this new world in which we were thrust. We all stayed connected while physically disconnected. At every opportunity, we reached out to one another, ready to assist, comfort, celebrate, sometimes just holding space for each other, in whatever way was safe. We reached out to one another when we sensed it was needed, and we formed bonds that we know will last forever.

It is an inescapable fact of life that things come to an end. It is in how we face those endings that we define ourselves. As we have been throughout, we will continue to be there for each other after this. We will continue to help each other navigate this phase and ensure that everyone finds an amazing place to make an impact with their wonderful talents. We know we have all learned a ton, we have grown together, and we cannot wait to see how we all flourish in life after Chisel AI.

Meet Our Talented Team

To that end, we are directing you to the profiles of our wonderful team members, with a summary of some of them below. Get to know each person, learn their strengths and their aspirations. Give them space to continue their journey to become the best version of themselves ... we know they will make the same incredible impact to the leadership of your company as they did to ours. Reach out to us personally – we are happy to tell you how remarkable each person is.

Steve McOrmond

Steve McOrmond, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Location: Ontario

Preferred Work Model: Flexible

An award-winning author of four books, Steve is a prolific and celebrated content-generator and storyteller, writer and photographer. He has succeeded in combining his love for words and art with an interest for business and marketing to become a powerful content marketing expert.

To put it more succinctly, Steve will find ways to tell your story in the best way possible to increase market visibility and generate demand. Originally from PEI, he brought with him to Toronto his Islander sense of humour.

Radha Maharaj

Radha Maharaj, Customer Success Analyst

Location: Ontario

Preferred Work Model: Flexible

Radha brought years of Commercial Insurance underwriting knowledge to Chisel AI, and immediately became the go-to insurance expert. Her attention to detail, empathy and expertise allowed her to forge strong relationships with customers and teammates alike. A great teacher and communicator, she co-led the development and delivery of a course on Commercial Insurance, making it fun and memorable.

Through her management of Chisel client implementations, Radha built new technical skills and dove into Machine Learning data analysis to identify areas of improvements for Chisel’s solutions. Working closely with the technical team, Radha learned to anticipate and mitigate potential project risks and challenges. Radha spares no effort to ensure presentations, meetings and demos are always successful.

Always willing to help, Radha is an exemplary team player who derives great satisfaction from her personal achievements as well as her strong contributions to the team’s success.

Radha is warm, compassionate, caring, and highly appreciated by her colleagues. She also taught her bird to speak, and has traveled to many exciting places.

Rashmi Gupta

Rashmi Gupta, Customer Success Analyst

Location: Ontario

Preferred Work Model: Flexible

A critical thinker who combines strong active listening skills and positive leadership-by-example in every situation, Rashmi also came to us from the world of Commercial Insurance, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that contributed immensely to the elaboration of our solutions. With extensive expertise to share, she co-led the development and delivery of a course on Commercial Insurance, turning a complex and broad set of information into a consumable and memorable body of knowledge for her audience.

Rashmi quickly established herself as a trusted adviser to our customers to guide the evolution of their projects. Strong, courageous and kind, she is generous with her time and her willingness to share her knowledge. She is not afraid to speak her mind and raise good questions to drive solutions forward.

Oh – and she once walked over 50,000 steps in a day to clinch the silver medal in Chisel AI’s Step-Off Challenge! She makes any team she joins better and stronger.

Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams, Product Manager

Location: Ontario

Preferred Work Model: Flexible

Jordan is one of those rare gems who can add value in whatever role he takes on, thanks to his enthusiasm, ability to learn quickly, analytical skills, good judgment, and generosity of spirit. A creative problem-solver, Jordan is quick on his feet, hard-working, and always willing to help his teammates. An excellent communicator, he is equally at ease discussing complex software and insurance, as he is chatting about sports, investments, and world events.

A key player when he started in Customer Success, Jordan transferred the knowledge he acquired working directly with customers (they loved him, by the way) to a role in Product Management, while also providing support to the Sales team.

An avid athlete, he is as comfortable on the ice as he is on the golf course or running a half-marathon with a week’s notice. He won the gold medal in the Chisel Step-Off Challenge after a 55,000-step day to grab the top prize. Jordan is a Most Valuable Player on and off the field.

Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh, Director, Technical Operations

Location: Ontario

Preferred Work Model: Remote OR Hybrid

Sanjay set up and ran our technical cloud infrastructure from security, networking, software, hardware, procurements, and environment management. When the whole company had to “go remote” on a day’s notice at the start of the pandemic, Sanjay was ready. Everyone seamlessly transitioned to working from home overnight, SECURELY and RELIABLY, all thanks to Sanjay’s preparations. He’s Mr. Responsive meets Mr. Reliable in every way. Will make you smile with his subtle but “most eggcellent” sense of humour.

Philip Chen

Philip Chen, Machine Learning Scientist

Location: Toronto/Vancouver/Calgary

Preferred Work Model: Flexible

Philip is an accomplished Machine Learning Scientist with prolific academic and internship experiences in applying machine learning & AI to several engineering fields, including urban transportation, petroleum engineering and human computer interactions.

As a member of Chisel AI’s Machine Learning team, his work was instrumental to the creation of new models based on leading-edge technology. Philip loves to learn and loves to share his passion for machine learning and natural language processing. He created and delivered lunch & learn sessions to his colleagues, further contributing to the collective knowledge of the whole team.

An avid hiker, Philip loves exploring Alberta’s Rocky Mountains and planning other exciting excursions.

Dave Mariano

Dave Mariano, Software Developer

Location: Ontario

Preferred Work Model: Remote OR Hybrid

Dave defies the stereotypical image of the quiet introverted software developer. Just the opposite, Dave brings huge enthusiasm to any task he undertakes. He delivers results, jumps in to close outstanding tickets more quickly, and is always willing to assist with deployments and other tasks even when that means going above and beyond his assigned workload.

Always ready with a good story, Dave adds spice to team meetings and social gatherings. He is genuine and authentic to the core, with a great ability to welcome new team members and make them comfortable right away. A proud new Dad to a beautiful little girl, “Spicy Dave” has on occasion invited her and his dog Zero to make cameo appearances on Zoom calls.

Omid Yousufi

Omid Yousufi, Software Developer

Location: Ontario

Preferred Work Model: Flexible

Omid's skillful work on Chisel AI's data engineering and backend solutions enabled the creation and implementation of great AI products. He takes pride in the work he did on API integrations, and on continuously improving the design of the software both at the code and system levels. Omid also took the success of his teammates to heart, and helped them grow professionally through shared feedback.

A man of many talents and great curiosity, Omid likes to run, explore new interests such as concept art, and spend time studying philosophy and meditating.

Anastasia Nesterenko

Anastasia Nesterenko, Software Developer

Location: Ontario

Preferred Work Model: Hybrid OR Flexible

Behind Ana’s serious demeanour hides a funny, friendly, quick-witted high achiever. Methodical and driven, Ana made a significant impact on Chisel’s software development capabilities.

A continuous learner always in the pursuit of excellence, Ana had the highest “on-call” attendance and shadowed all deployments to Production, learning and improving processes at every opportunity. She takes initiative and delivers results beyond what is expected.

Not surprisingly, she is also wickedly good at games and puzzles!

Ali Niaki

Ali Niaki, Software Developer

Location: Ontario

Preferred Work Model: Flexible AND/OR Hybrid 

Ali joined Chisel AI in the fall of 2021, and his cheerful, positive presence amongst the team was an immediate win for all. Ali brings valuable cyber-security, software architecture and entrepreneurial experience, with an academic background in computer security (with several awards along the way!), and having run his own startup before joining the world of Insurtech.

At Chisel AI, Ali could always be relied on to tackle hard problems, develop good quality code, and communicate clearly, and with enthusiasm, the solutions he was delivering. A well-traveled, multi-lingual citizen of the world, Ali is kind and generous, a quick study, and is an asset to the team.

Andrew Bondarenko-1

Andrew Bondarenko, Software Developer

Location: British Columbia

Preferred Work Model: Flexible

 Andrew's experience as a developer extends well beyond his knowledge of Python and React. He takes great pride in spreading positivity, good cheer and the occasional joke through all his interactions with his colleagues. As Scrum Master, Andrew was responsible for leading regular meetings and overseeing the assignment of work to a team of technical resources, something he did thoughtfully, bringing joy and a smile to the task and helping the whole team to always strive to raise the bar.

And if he thought folks on Zoom calls looked too serious, Andrew could always elicit some smiles by having his pet rabbit join him for a quick hello!

Antonio Camacho Lobeto

Antonio Camacho Lobeto, Software Developer

Location: Quebec

Preferred Work Model: Remote AND/OR Flexible

Antonio added a touch of European elegance to the Chisel AI team when he joined us just a few months ago. He excels at building micro-services on AWS and developing REST APIs, and he brought that strength to bear when his work resulted in a significant and very impressive 94% reduction in the time a major operation took.

Antonio loves to work in a collaborative way with his co-workers and brings positive energy to all his interactions with his colleagues. He can be relied on to help the whole team reach and exceed its goals.


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