Automated Quote Comparison for
Commercial Insurance Brokers

Your Challenge

In today’s challenging business climate of higher premiums, reduced coverage options, and changing underwriting guidelines, commercial lines insurance brokerages and agencies are under pressure to place coverage faster to maintain profitable portfolios. With more selective underwriting and new competitive realities making it tough to find appropriate coverage for challenging classes of business, it is no longer sustainable to spend days or weeks rekeying multiple quotes into Excel spreadsheets to compare limits, coverages, terms and conditions, effective dates, etc., across multiple insurers in a race to identify the best coverage and pricing for your customers.

  • Quickly Identify Best Coverages & Pricing
  • Reduce Errors During the Binding Process
  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry
  • Accelerate Customer Response Times
  • Deepen Customer Relationships
  • Increase Sales Capacity
  • Improve Productivity
  • Deliver a Better Customer & Employee Experience

The Solution

Instantly compare up to 10 quotes at a glance.

With Chisel AI’s Quote Compare AI-powered workflow, you can automate and accelerate the process of comparing multiple commercial quotes. You eliminate wasted hours, piles of paper and the potential for human error during the binding process. You can automatically check critical data elements in up to 10 quotes at one time to quickly identify the best coverage, terms and conditions and premium for your customers.

Quote Compare eliminates the need to review each quote individually and then manually enter key pieces of information into Excel spreadsheets for comparison. Simply select the quotes that you want to compare and press the submit button. Within seconds, the quotes will appear side by side on the screen, giving the user the ability to compare them at a high level, as well as review in detail specific sections of each policy. What used to take hours now takes seconds, allowing you to significantly improve your response times and spend more time on high-value account management engagements, rather than tedious administrative tasks.

Get Started

Eliminate Paperwork and Manual Data Entry with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a machine’s ability to read language like a human, pulling relevant pieces of language, assigning meaning to the words, and intelligently analyzing structured and unstructured text.

Faster, More Accurate

Chisel AI uses natural language processing and machine learning to extract, classify and analyze unstructured data in quotes, policies, endorsements, binders and submissions 400 times faster than a human can—with greater accuracy.

Automate the Routine

With Quote Compare, commercial lines insurance brokers can empower their staff with tools to automate high-volume, repetitive administrative tasks, allowing skilled knowledge workers to focus on high-value customer-facing initiatives.

Quotes. Faster. You Can Quote Us on That

Identify the best coverage and pricing for your customers quickly and easily by automating the quote comparison process.

Compare 10 Quotes at Once

Using Quote Compare, you can streamline and simplify the commercial quote-comparison process by automatically comparing up to 10 quotes at once.

Key Features

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Real-Time Data Extraction

Extract, interpret and understand unstructured data in quotes, submissions, applications, binders, endorsements and policies.
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Side-By-Side Comparison

Quickly compare premiums, endorsements, limits and more, side by side. Customize comparison rules to match your goals.
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Multiple-Line Comparisons

Use the side-by-side comparison screen to quickly compare multiple lines of business within a commercial package policy.
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Easy-To-Use UI

Easily and quickly compare up to 10 quotes at a glance with Chisel AI’s simple graphical user interface.
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Compare documents across multiple formats, such as Word, Excel and PDF.
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Summary Report

Export client-ready deliverables into an easy-to-share summary report. Customize the report to meet your business needs.
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Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Chisel AI with your data mart or pull data from emails and upload to Excel, Word or backend system. No manual data entry required.

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