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On-Demand Webinar

Identify the Best Submission to Quote in Minutes with AI

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On-Demand Webinar

Commercial Lines Underwriting Priorities 2021 & Beyond

Chisel AI Underwriting Priorities eBook

Commercial Insurance Underwriting Priorities 2021 & Beyond

Submission Intake Carrier Guide

Automated Submission Intake for Commercial Lines Carriers

Chisel AI Broker Guide to AI-Powered Policy Checking

A Broker's Guide to AI-Powered Policy Checking

P&C Insurance Guide

Resilient Insurance Operations with AI Insight Guide

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2020 Commercial Insurance Underwriting Priorities eBook

How to Choose Buyers Guide

How to Choose an AI Solution for Commercial Insurance Buyer's Guide

Chisel AI for Commercial Insurance Tech Guide

AI in Commercial Insurance Technology Guide

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Are You Ready for Artifical Intelligence Checklist

Chisel AI Corporate Fact Sheet

AI-Powered Solutions for Commercial Insurance

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Real-time Data Extraction for Commercial Insurance Brokerages and Carriers

Submission Intake Solution Sheet Thumbnail

Submission Intake & Triage for Commercial Lines Carriers

Policy Check for Brokers Solution Sheet Thumbnail

Policy Check for Commercial Lines Brokers

Policy Check for Carriers Solution Sheet

Policy Check for Commercial Lines Carriers

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Quote Compare for Commercial Lines Brokers

Submission Prioritization Data Sheet Thumbnail

Submission Prioritization for Commercial Lines Carriers

Corporate Video Website

Who is Chisel AI?

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Chisel AI Policy Check Explained

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Chisel AI Submission Triage Explained

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Inside Look at Chisel AI

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Chisel AI Overview

The AI Effect on P&C Insurance Podcast Resources Page

Ep 01 The AI Effect on Property & Casualty Insurance

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Ep 02 Change Management in the Wake of Insurance Innovation

Chisel AI Submission Triage Lunch and Learn
On-Demand Lunch & Learn

Automate Submission Intake with AI to Accelerate Response Times

On-Demand Policy Check Webinar
On-Demand Webinar

How to Accelerate Policy Checking Turnaround Times with AI

ACORD Webinar
On-Demand Webinar

Emerging Trends in AI, Data Extraction & Underwriting

Website Podcast Resource Page

Ep 03 Mastering the Insurer-Insurtech Tango

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AM Best TV interviews Zurich and Ron Glozman, CEO, Chisel AI at InsureTech Connect 2019

Episode 4 AI Wisdom Podcast

Ep 04 Big Data, Standards, and the Insurtech Revolution

Tackling the Insurance Talent Crisis Podcast

Ep 05 Tackling the Insurance Talent Crisis

Podcast Crucial Role of Data in Your AI Strategy

Ep 06 The Crucial Role of Data in Your AI Strategy

Podcast Click-Ins Ltd.

Ep 07 Ferreting Out Auto-Insurance Fraud with Artificial Intelligence

Website Podcast Caribou Honig

Ep 08 InsureTech Predictions 2020

_Website Podcast Lex Sokolin

Ep 09 Tech Trends for 2020 & Beyond

_Website Podcast Nick Lamparelli

Ep 10 Architecting the Underwriting Foundation of the Future

COVID-19 Podcast with Dr. Robert Hartwig

Ep 011 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Insurance Industry

Automate Underwriting Webinar Website 1 (2)
On-Demand Webinar

Using AI to Automate Underwriting

Episode 12 with Eric Joost

Ep 012 The Future of Commercial Insurance

Reduce E&O Risk Lunch & Learn
On-Demand Lunch & Learn

How to Use AI to Reduce E&O Risk in P&C Insurance

SVIA Webinar Website
On-Demand Webinar

SVIA Trailblazers COVID-19 Series: Operational Innovation & Requirements

Virtual Roundtable
On-Demand Virtual Roundtable

Building Operational Capacity and Resilience in Times of Crisis

_Website Podcast Paul Carroll

Ep 013 Business Continuity: Riding the Wave of Disruption

_Website Podcast Mike Connor (2)

Ep 014 The Impact of Digital Ecosystems on Insurance

Website Podcast Roberto Siconi

Ep 015 AI in the Driver’s Seat: How Intelligent Machines are Transforming Commercial Auto Insurance

Website Podcast Garrett Droege

Ep 016 Managing Cyber Risk with a Remote Work Force

Website Podcast Phil Emundson

Ep 017 COVID-19 Cyber Risk Sparks New Opportunity for Brokers

Website Podcast Chris Laver

Ep 018 The Art and Science of Machine Learning

Website Podcast Carey Anne

Ep 019 How Telematics Helps Auto Insurers Write Better Business

Website Podcast Chris Paradiso

Ep 020 The Insurance Agent of the Future

Website Podcast John Anderson-1

Ep 021 Cyber Analytics Create New Growth Opportunity

Website Podcast David Perez

Ep 022 Customer-centric Insurance in a Post-COVID World

Website Podcast Daniel Faggella

Ep 023 How AI is Digitally Transforming Insurance

_ Website Podcast Dean Hildebrandt (1)

Ep 024 The Modern Insurance Broker

Website Podcast Megan Bock Zarnoch

Ep 025 Intersection of Technology & Culture in Commercial Lines Underwriting

Website Podcast Dr. Leonard

Ep 026 COVID-19: Global Macro and Insurance Outlook

Website Podcast Ryan Stein

Ep 027 The Pandemic's Impact on the Canadian Insurance Industry

Website Podcast Laura Gregory

Ep 028 COVID-19 Business Interruption Litigation: Lessons Learned

Website Podcast Guy Fraker

Ep 029 Insuring the Future: The Risks and Opportunities of Autonomous Vehicles

Podcast Dan Keough

Ep 030 Strategies for Navigating a Hardening Insurance Market

Podcast Martha Notaras, Brewer Lane Ventures

Ep 031 The Secrets to Securing Insurtech Investment

AI Wisdom Episode 032 Kyle Beatty

Ep 032 The Rise of Insurtech Investments

Website Podcast Bryan Falchuk

Ep 033 The Future of Insurance

Podcast with Denise Garth, Majesco

Ep 034 The Power of Future-Ready Digital Business Models in P&C Insurance

Website Podcast Tony Fenton (1)

Ep 035 The Future of Commercial Lines Underwriting

Website Podcast Ken Crerar

Ep 036 Nurturing Innovation in a Hardening Market

Website Podcast Spike Lipkin

Ep 037 Creating a Future-Forward Commercial Lines Insurance Brokerage

AI Wisdom Podcast Amy Radin

Ep 038 Successfully Scaling Insurance Innovation

Podcast Tina Osen, President, HUB International Canada

Ep 039 Executive Insights: Tina Osen, President, HUB International Canada

Podcast James Benham, JBKnowledge

Ep 040 The Future of AI, Wearables & Mobile Apps in Workers’ Comp

Podcast Travis MacMillian, Xceedance

Ep 041 How Brokers & Agents Can Leverage AI to Prioritize the Policyholder